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Domestic - GPC Members Only HPA - Official HPA Open - Open to all clubs
= Coworth Park
19th Apr - 11th May    The Spring Tournament 15th Apr Closed View
23rd Apr - 10th May The Valerie Halford Memorial Trophy 15th Apr Closed View
25th Apr - 27th Apr    Spring Amateur Tournament 17th Apr Closed View
1st May - 18th May La Martina Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother Centenary Trophy 24th Apr Closed View
10th May - 1st Jun    The Committee Cup 24th Apr Closed View
17th May - 18th May    Copenhagen Cup 17th May Closed View
20th May - 15th Jun Cartier Queen's Cup 13th May Closed View
24th May - 26th May    Labrador Trophy 16th May Closed View
27th May - 22nd Jun Al Habtoor Royal Windsor Cup 13th May Closed View
3rd Jun - 29th Jun Pommery Polo for The Archie David Cup 13th May Closed View
7th Jun    Jack Wills Varsity Polo 6th Jun Closed View
15th Jun    The Cartier Queen's Cup Final 13th May Closed View
17th Jun - 4th Jul Indian Empire Shield 5th Jun Closed View
18th Jun    China Day 5th Jun Closed View
20th Jun - 22nd Jun    Roberts Cup 13th Jun Closed View
21st Jun    Laureus Polo Cup 16th Jun Closed View
22nd Jun - 12th Jul    Phoenician Cup 12th Jun Closed View
28th Jun    Ganjam Jaipur Trophy 12th Jun Closed View
2nd Jul - 19th Jul    President's Trophy 19th Jun Closed View
4th Jul - 6th Jul    Cottington Cup 27th Jun Closed View
7th Jul - 20th Jul Coworth Park Challenge Cup 26th Jun Closed View
13th Jul    Inter Regimental Trophy 13th Jul Closed View
15th Jul - 3rd Aug    Flemish Farm Trophy 3rd Jul Closed View
26th Jul    Audi International Polo 2014 * 26th Jul Closed View
29th Jul - 10th Aug The Duke of Cornwall's Trophy 17th Jul Closed View
29th Jul - 16th Aug The Duke of Wellington Trophy 17th Jul Closed View
29th Jul - 17th Aug    Town and County Championship 17th Jul Closed View
8th Aug - 10th Aug    Crawford Cup 1st Aug Closed View
19th Aug - 7th Sep    Fox and Hounds Social Cup 7th Aug Closed View
23rd Aug - 25th Aug    Smith's Lawn Bowl 15th Aug Closed View
27th Aug - 13th Sep Autumn Nations Tournament 14th Aug Closed View
29th Aug - 31st Aug    Major General's Trophy 22nd Aug Closed View
30th Aug    Ladies Charity Polo for The Haven 30th Aug Closed View
10th Sep - 14th Sep    Chairman's Cup 29th Aug Closed View

* Invitation

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