2015 Tournaments, Results & Entry Forms

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Domestic - GPC Members Only HPA - Official HPA Open - Open to all clubs
= Coworth Park
18th Apr - 10th May    The Spring Tournament 2015 14th Apr 13 days left View
21st Apr - 9th May Valerie Halford Memorial Trophy 2015 14th Apr 13 days left View
24th Apr - 26th Apr    Spring Amateur Tournament 2015 17th Apr 14th Apr View
1st May - 17th May La Martina Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother Centenary Trophy 2015 23rd Apr 16th Apr View
10th May - 24th May    Committee Cup 2015 30th Apr 23rd Apr View
16th May - 31st May    Labrador Trophy 2015 8th May 5th May View
19th May - 14th Jun Cartier Queen's Cup 2015 12th May 24th Apr View
27th May - 21st Jun Royal Windsor Cup 2015 12th May 28th Apr View
5th Jun - 28th Jun Archie David Cup 2015 12th May 28th Apr View
7th Jun    Varsity Day 2015 6th Jun 1st Jun View
22nd Jun - 5th Jul    Phoenician Cup 2015 11th Jun 4th Jun View
30th Jun - 18th Jul Indian Empire Shield 2015 23rd Jun 18th Jun View
1st Jul - 11th Jul    The Social Cup 2015 25th Jun 18th Jun View
1st Jul - 12th Jul    Roberts Cup 2015 23rd Jun 15th Jun View
14th Jul - 26th Jul Coworth Park Challenge Trophy 2015 26th Jun 18th Jun View
17th Jul - 2nd Aug    Crawford Cup 2015 10th Jul 2nd Jul View
21st Jul - 9th Aug    Town & County Championship 2015 16th Jul 9th Jul View
28th Jul - 15th Aug Duke of Wellington Trophy 2015 16th Jul 9th Jul View
1st Aug - 23rd Aug Duke of Cornwall Trophy 2015 17th Jul 9th Jul View
4th Aug - 16th Aug    Cottington Cup 2015 28th Jul 23rd Jul View
11th Aug - 22nd Aug    Flemish Farm Trophy 2015 4th Aug 28th Jul View
19th Aug - 6th Sep    President's Trophy 2015 13th Aug 6th Aug View
27th Aug - 12th Sep Autumn Nations Tournament 2015 13th Aug 6th Aug View
28th Aug - 30th Aug    Major-General's Cup 2015 22nd Aug 18th Aug View
2nd Sep - 13th Sep    The Chairman's Cup 2015 25th Aug 18th Aug View

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