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Guards News

23_08_15_a_0621 24 Aug 2015 Kildare wins first Land Rover Duke of Cornwall Trophy

Patron Andrew Dechet not only wins trophy but is named Most Valuable Player after two great goals

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15_08_15_390 23 Aug 2015 Shalimar fights through to win Duke of Wellington

Kassem Shafi receives impressive trophy and sees team-mate receive Polo Magazine's Most Valuable Player

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25_07_15_a_1565 27 Jul 2015 England reclaim Coronation Cup

HRH The Prince of Wales watched England defeat South America in the first Royal Salute Coronation Cup

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Rodrigo_andrade_international_day_2011 08 Jul 2015 South America reveal their team

England will face some tough opposition in the Royal Salute Coronation Cup on Saturday 25 July

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Mongolian_army 06 Jul 2015 Mongolian Army team make impressive debut

An illustrious crowd, including a Prime Minister and ambassadors, watch the British Army versus the Mongolian Army

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05_07_15_397 06 Jul 2015 Previse/Tashan Polo win Phoenician in second half

Vivek Rawal claims Cup despite slow start in 12-goal game against Shalimar

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01_07_15_a_0316 02 Jul 2015 Club raises £80,000 at Charity Shoot

AFB 2 wins the Charles Stisted Memorial Trophy, but the real winners are the Welsh Guards and Scots Guards

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27_06_15_1067 02 Jul 2015 Guards puts on a party to remember

The Club celebrated its Diamond Jubilee with Twilight Polo and a 1950s' themed dinner dance in the Clubhouse

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28_06_15_637 29 Jun 2015 Mad Dogs bark loudest in Archie David Final

Alan Fall wins leading 8-goal trophy in exciting game against Elio Leoni-Sceti's Il Sole

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21_06_15_0836 21 Jun 2015 Clarita race to Bentley Royal Windsor win

Chris Mathias receives prestigious trophy from HM The Queen, while Mad Dogs' Alan Fall collects Mountbatten Cup

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