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Pearson team win Guards Tally Ho Groom of the Month prize 16th August 2018

The Grooms of the Month for July were George Pearson’s team. Their names are Alejandro Roldan, Leandro Roldan, Jorge Maidana and Jackie Wright.

Our vet, Holly Baird MRCVS, writes: George’s grooms have stood out in their outstanding attention to detail during a very busy polo season. It is a testament to their incredible care, that George and his Cowdray Vikings team won not only our Indian Empire high goal fixture, but also won back to back 18 and 15 goal finals just two weeks later. At Guards the grooms are always observed to be exemplary in their cooling and hydration, allow ponies a period of rest before loading up the truck, and they’re never without their hay nets for the ponies to nibble on the way home. The ponies are presented to show standard, and their on field performance speaks for itself. Enormous congratulations to all.

Image copyright Images of Polo

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