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OUT-SOURCING Inc to sponsor the Royal Windsor Cup 5th March 2018

OUT-SOURCING Inc to sponsor Guards Polo Club’s oldest tournament – the Royal Windsor Cup

Guards Polo Club is delighted to announce that OUT-SOURCING Inc is the new sponsor of the Royal Windsor Cup. OUT-SOURCING Inc is one of Japan’s leading multinational corporations, providing services in various countries throughout the world. From this season, the Club’s oldest tournament will be known as The OUT-SOURCING Inc Royal Windsor Cup. It will run from 5 – 24 June 2018 and the final is historically played in the presence of Her Majesty The Queen.

OUT-SOURCING Inc is developing and extending its business across the world, including Japan, UK, Australia and currently has more than 100 group companies in various countries. Success and growth for the company has been boosted thanks to the push for work-style reform by the Japanese government, coupled with the company’s strength in directing its expertise, creativity and innovative solutions to meet rapid changes in the business environment and its corporate policy, based on treasuring human resources and contributing to society. OUT-SOURCING Inc. is rated in the top 2% of the 3,600 public companies in Japan with high Return on Equity (ROE) and continues to expand its client base.

The company focuses on various welfare and charitable activities. It not only provides support as a corporation but is also engaged in a new project to create a place where people with a spectrum of disabilities can demonstrate their strengths. This company is currently in its preparation stage and its ambitious dream is to be the first organisation of its kind to deliver an Initial Public Offering (IPO). Through this new endeavour, OUT-SOURCING Inc aims to provide a bright message to the world, contributing to a mature and hope-filled society.

David M. Matsumoto of DMM Holdings said: “This is an exciting time for OUT-SOURCING Inc, which aims to direct its expertise, creativity and innovative solutions to meet rapid changes in the business environment, so contributing to a brighter, prosperous society. Our aim for The OUT-SOURCING Inc Royal Windsor Cup is to introduce the company’s activities to the United Kingdom, Europe and the world in an appropriately, high-profile way.”

DMM Holdings, which signed this exciting new agreement with Guards Polo Club, holds shares of many public companies and its founder, David M. Matsumoto, also serves as an executive to those companies, including being an executive advisor to OUT-SOURCING Inc. David continues to make contributions to and sponsor various charitable events, including the Blind Institute, Sickle Cell Anaemia and Muscular Dystrophy organisations, as well as working with the United Nations on the Global Forum Kyoto Convention. He has also supported The Prince of Wales's Charitable Foundation for more than a decade.

David M. Matsumoto added when signing this progressive agreement: “I am truly happy and grateful and feel it is an honour to be able to be involved in this wonderful event.”

Since David lost his two-year-old son in a tragic pool accident in the USA, he has taken on his son’s name {David} as his own and has continued contributing to charitable activities for more than a decade. He spends many hours each day on his charity work, which he considers his life’s work. There are plans for children to be invited to the Royal Windsor Cup as David hopes to provide an opportunity for them to have fun and create precious memories.

Neil Hobday, CEO of Guards Polo Club, added: “Guards Polo Club is delighted to welcome David M. Matsumoto and OUT-SOURCING Inc into the Guards Polo Club’s family. Through the company’s sponsorship of our oldest tournament, the Royal Windsor Cup, we can look forward to a long and fruitful relationship.”

This new sponsorship agreement will run for three years, helping to continue The Royal Windsor Cup’s status as the sport’s leading 15-goal tournament in the UK. Some of the sport’s highest profile players have already added their name to this prestigious trophy, including HRH The Duke of Edinburgh and HRH The Prince of Wales. Entries will close in May and the first day of action will be Tuesday 5 June.

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