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Lycetts International Thoroughbred Polo Championship returns to Guards Polo Club 1st July 2024

Guards Polo Club will be hosting the Lycetts International Thoroughbred Polo Championship for the second, successive year on Friday 5 July from 3pm. This annual event showcases the thoroughbred’s agility and temperament for polo. It is made up of three separate classes, accommodating four different age groups - three-year-olds, four-year-olds, and five/six-year-olds. Following these classes there will be an exhibition chukka to showcase the thoroughbred’s speed and agility.

Lycetts’ Piers Plunket said: “We are thrilled to sponsor the Thoroughbred in Sport International Polo Day once again. This event not only highlights the versatility and resilience of thoroughbreds, it strengthens the bond between the racing and polo communities. Lycetts is committed to supporting the continued growth of this remarkable event, celebrating the incredible journey of these equine athletes.”

In each class the thoroughbreds will be judged on confirmation, turnout, and polo agility. The objective of the judges is to identify the thoroughbred with the most potential of becoming a successful polo pony. There will be £20,000 awarded in prize money across the three classes, courtesy of Lycetts Insurance Brokers and other key sponsors. The overall champion will win a further cash prize of £1,000.

The exhibition game is scheduled to start at 5.30pm, with the best playing pony being awarded at the conclusion of this game. The overall champion will be announced at approximately 6pm.

In addition, the event will include a live auction in front of the Clubhouse where up to 10 ponies will be offered for sale. Potential buyers will have had the chance to watch the classes and see these thoroughbreds close-up and in action. A BBQ will be served in the Clubhouse after the auction has concluded.

Gates will open at 2pm, with the first class for three-year-olds commencing at 3pm. Winners will be announced at the end of each class. Everyone is welcome to attend this event but it would be good to know numbers so please email [email protected] if you are planning on attending. For more information please click HERE

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