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Guards Tally Ho Groom of the Month - May 27th July 2018

Congratulations to Lucas Alvarez - groom to six-goal player Mark Tomlinson. Lucas was named the Guards Tally Ho Groom of the Month for May. He is pictured here receiving his award from Tally Ho's Chris Adkins and is accompanied by Mark Tomlinson and some of his fellow grooms.

So what made Lucas stand out and receive this award? Guards Polo Club vet Holly Baird said: "Mark Tomlinson's horses are always in excellent condition and are immaculately turned out.every time. This string has also delivered excellent, on-field performance.

"In addition, the horses never leave in a rush, Lucas always ensures there is plenty of time for cooling, to have a proper drink of water and a nibble of feed before the ponies are loaded up for the journey home."

Holly is also full of praise for the grooms' policy of carrying hay nets on the lorries. "Once re-hydrated, a high-fibre snake for the journey home helps to stimulate the horses' digestive tract, encourages drinking and promotes a feeiing of wellbeing," added Holly. "So this is a great thing to do!"

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