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Cartier Queen's Cup Semi-Finals 15th June 2023

Commencing play in the highly anticipated Cartier Queen’s Cup semi-finals earlier today, Murus Sanctus and King Power kicked-off the action with Polito Pieres striking early from the field to give Murus Sanctus an early 2-1 edge. Entering the semi-finals undefeated with a 5-0 record, Pieres continued to lead his team in the second chukka, as a three-goal outburst displayed Murus Sanctus's accuracy in open play. Managing just a single conversion off the mallet of Jeronimo de Carril in the first chukka, the seven-goaler was back on the attack for King Power in the third chukka, hitting back-to-back goals. A final response from Alejandro Muzzio though gave Murus Sanctus a 6-3 lead at the break. Continuing to find success from Pieres and Araya, Murus Sanctus were back on the scoreboard to open the second half, as del Carril hit his fourth to account for all of King Power's goals. Finally managing to diversify their scoring efforts in the fifth, Manuel Elizalde kicked-started a three-goal run, capped off by Nicolas Pieres to bring King Power back within three. Held to just three goals in the second half on five shots, Murus Sanctus relied on their hot start to keep them in the lead, as a final goal from Araya, who was later named the Cartier Most Valuable Player, capped off a 4-goal performance to earn Murus Sanctus a 10-7 victory and the Kerry Packer Trophy. More importantly it fired them through to Sunday’s final. Polito Pieres received the Cartier Best Playing Pony prize for Monjitas Decente from Lt Col Sean O’Dwyer, Chairman of Guards Polo Club.

 Vying for the last spot in the Cartier Queen’s Cup final, the much-anticipated contest between UAE Polo Team and La Magdeleine began with UAE Polo Team’s Tommy Beresford finding success in the field to secure a narrow 2-1 advantage. Following a penalty conversion from Pablo MacDonough in the first chukka, La Magdeleine found their first field goal of the match from Facundo Fernandez Llorente, but two more goals from a combined effort of Bartolome Castagnola and Beresford kept UAE Polo Team in the lead 4-2. Trading goals in the third chukka these two teams matched each other in shooting from the field, but UAE Polo Team’s ability to generate more pressure and place four more shots on goal made the difference, giving them a 5-3 lead at half-time. Initiating their second half push, a three-goal run from Santiago Laborde and Llorente vaulted La Magdeleine into the lead 6-5. Following a drive from Lucas Monteverde Jnr to tie the game for UAE Polo Team, a penalty from MacDonough gave La Magdeleine a slim 7-6 advantage entering the final chukka. With plenty of fast-flowing polo from both sides, UAE Polo Team’s Castagnola and Monteverde Jr. kept their team in contention. However two goals from MacDonough in the sixth ensured La Magdeleine kept their advantage to win this thrilling game 9-8 and the Hubert Perrodo Trophy. Facundo Fernandez Llorente was named the Cartier’s Most Valuable Player while Pablo MacDonough’s Irenita Kioskera, whom he had played in the third and sixth chukkas, received the Cartier Best Playing Pony prize from Nathalie Perrodo Samani, the daughter of Hubert Perrodo.

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