Cartier International Day (Teams By Invitation)

Sunday 24th July

Handicap Levels vary

Cartier International Day, in association with the Hurlingham Polo Association, is the world's greatest spectator polo day. The main highlight of the day is the afternoon match for the Coronation Cup, which features the very best English players. This year they will face the might of an impressive, 29-goal Brazillian team.


Tickets go on sale on 1st May 2011. Prices will be as follows:

Clubhouse Grandstand Seats                                             £60 each

Best South Grandstand Seats                                             £55 each

South Grandstand Seats                                                     £50 each

North Grandstand Seats                                                      £35 each


Car Entry (up to 8 seats with tickets)                              £15 (AVAILABLE UNTIL 18TH jULY)

Pre-Booked Car Entry (up to 8 seats without tickets)    £25  

For minibus or coach passes please call the ticket office.

No tickets wil be posted after 20th July 2011. Please collect on the day from the Ticket office. Please call the ticket office to purchase tickets on 23rd July 2011 01784 437797. There are a few left.

Hospitality packages are available from Keith Prowse via

Tickets for the Chinawhite party are available at


Sponsor Logos

Date Time Teams and Results Umpire 1 Umpire 2 Referee Ground
Sun 24th Jul 11am Hurlingham 6 vs 13 Prince of Wales Team
  3:15pm Audi England Team 8 vs 6 Equus Wealth Management